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In Washington State, laws regarding leaving the scene of an accident and hit and runs are taken very seriously, and Hit and Run is a criminal offense. The potential penalties for a hit and run conviction may include fines and even jail time, restitution to the victim for injury or property damage, as well as increased insurance premiums. If you are currently facing a hit and run charge, you really should contact an experienced traffic defense lawyer as soon as possible. Callahan Law’s skilled traffic attorneys are available to fight the case and to work hard to have your case resolved with the least possible consequences to you.

After any accident occurs, whether it involves an unattended vehicle or an injured person, Washington State drivers are required to follow certain procedures. For example, if a driver hits an unattended car or other property, he or she must stop right away and attempt to locate and notify the owner. If the owner cannot be found, the driver must leave a note with his or her name, contact, and any other required information in a conspicuous place. Violation of this law may lead to a criminal misdemeanor charge.

If a driver is in an accident that causes injury or death, he or she must stop the vehicle immediately, making sure not to obstruct traffic any more than is necessary. The driver must then give his or her name, address, insurance company, policy number, and license number to all injured parties, as well as the driver of the other vehicle. The driver must then offer assistance to the injured parties, such as taking them to the hospital or a physician. Helping an injured person is not considered evidence of liability for the accident.

If a driver fails to stop after causing another person’s death, he or she may be charged with a class B felony. Leaving the scene of an accident if a person is injured is classified as a class C felony. Both crimes, if you are convicted, are punishable by jail time, expensive fines, and result in a criminal record..

As you can see, leaving the scene of an accident is much more than a mere traffic infraction. If you have recently been accused of hit and run, contact Callahan Law. Our skilled traffic defense attorneys are devoted to helping clients who have been accused of traffic crimes such as hit and run. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you have regarding your pending charges. Call us today.

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